Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sella - young, active and elegant found a home

Sella was adopted in March as a puppy -now we know Aisha she must have been their mother, dumped at the perrera a few months later than the first four puppies. She lived in Oviedo for a while, so she is educated as a real city dog. Due to personal reasons she came back to us and is looking for a home. She is about 8 months old now and a sleek, active and very loving dog. She gets on well with people, other dogs and cats. She is obedient and just loves being with people.

Name: Sella
Breed: x Pointer
Sex: F
Age: 1/1/2008 aprox
Size: aprox 50-55 cm
Weight: aprox 14 kg
Entry: 15/08/08

Sella was adopted in Germany in september 2008!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aika - the lovely terrier girl found a home

Aika is a small foxterrier, very young and probably pure as she has a cut tail. She was found somewhere in the woods, where she was found and taken home - but the problem was that lovely Aika also loved chicken, as a real terrier and she was dumped at the small perrera in Infiesto.

Name: Aika
Breed: Foxterrier (cut tail)
Sex: F (sterilised 14/8/08)
Age: 1-2 years
Size: aprox 35 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Entry: 12/8/2008

Character: loving and dependent on people, open to new people - in that respect not terrier-like. She does like to hunt birds (chickens ;) - cats are incredibly interesting (there are about 10 in her foster home) but they are al most as big as she is. She is not used to them yet though. She is house-trained and obedient but a very very active little dog.

Aika was adopted in Germany (September 2008)