Monday, December 15, 2008

Cloë, German Shepherd ADOPTED

Update: Clöe is adopted in Spain.
Cloë is probably just over one year old. As many other dogs, she was tied up at the perrera on 24 Nov 2008 by people unknown, so we don't know anything about her past. She is slightly lower (50-55 cm) than other German shepherds, she is not too fat at all, her hair is not long, rather short and she weights 23 kg. She is sterilised (15 Dec 2008).
She is used to people but is a little skittish and afraid of brooms - she must have been beaten before. On the other hand she is very investigative and incredibly active. She is in a fosterhome now and the whippet only just managed to wear her out running. She gets on well with the other dogs, she can be slightly dominant towards females but if there is sufficient space to run around there are no problems at all.
She has not been educated but she does come when she is called and joins the walks with the other dogs from day one without taking off on her own. She likes playing with a ball but what she enjoys most at the moment is just running around and inviting other dogs to do the same. She has only been with us for three days so there will be more to tell about her.