Sunday, September 19, 2010

Puyol, young Catalan shepherd found a home

Update: Puyol travelled to a home in the Netherlands in November where he is learning that people are not so scary - in a home with another Catalan speherd and two other stable dogs. His foster mummie dedicates lots of time to Puyol and he is getting there... 
Update 2
He is doing agility now and lost all of his fears!
Puyol is a Catalan shepherd-type of dog:
His start in life must not have been very happy, as he appeared (was dumped) at the small Infiesto perrera in July - he had an extremely matted coat and for a month managed to live on the premises outside the kennels. We had no space and did not dare to chain him up either, afraid he would get harmed. He obviously liked it there - nothing to keep him there but some attention, food and company... Eventually he came to share a kennel with Yago, a bigger dog and started to trust te volunteers who came to visit and walk them.

Puyol is about a year old with a height of 45-50 cm and a weight of 12-15 kg. He is very bright, but still quite nervous about all the new things in life.

It is difficult to see in the pictures but his eyes are beautifully almond shaped and very expressive!