Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aisha - setter mix ADOPTED March 2009

Aisha is a dog who gets on extremely well with all the other dogs and with people. She is not afraid, she is independent but also loves attention. She has even learnt to get on with the cats! She is not a barker, only when she gets excited just before the daily walk in her fosterhome.

She is aprox 3 years old, shoulderheight about 50 cm. Medium sized. The ideal companion for older or younger people. She is obedient, will not leave your side which is admirable for a hunting dog.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Six puppies found a new home

Six puppies, the mother is a medium sized mix of many breeds ;) and daddy may have been a labrador.
Within a week they have all found a new home, where they will be going by the end of October 2008.
Fernando, white socks and a white stripe in his face.
Gina, white with a black head
Jack black, almost no white socks
Lina, white with a beige patch over the eye
Nina - almost white, the beige paches are almost invisible
Cristina - black with short white socks