Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jara, small shepherd mix will be fostered in France!


Jara was found on a rainy afternoon in January - wet and miserable. She is a medium-sized very sweet young dog with eyes that can only make your heart melt.
We think she was born around October 2012, she is medium sized at just 15.5 kg and a height of ca 48 cm. Her tail is docked, probably from birth. 
She loves everybody and is looking for a home. She lives with a cat in her foster home, and tries to play with him and the cat pays hide and seek with her. Jara is slowly getting more confident, still loves to snuggle up to you but is also showing she is a very playful young dog. She likes to play with the big dogs and sometimes really annoys them, but she seems to get away with it. She also comes at the shelter walks with more than 10 different dogs and she does very well, she is quiet and stays close to her carers. Jara loves travelling by car and she does not mind crating, although at night she prefers sleeping on your bed or in her basket next to the bed. She is also your perfect office dog, sleeping quietly until things are happening again. Besides playing with all the other dogs, even old grumpy Tufo, she likes to chase insects on the lawn.
One of our volunteers writes about Jara:  My time spent with Jara will be time that I will forever treasure. She is such a wonderful dog with such a kind spirit. I spent two weeks volunteering with her and I bonded quite quickly. Jara loves to go for walks and will always check to make sure you are still with her as you walk. She is very concerned that the "pack" stays together. Jara is very much in need of a loving owner who wants to be very close with their dog. She needs a loving home, and the love will undoubtbly be returned. She is also a HUGE snuggler and makes a very warm blnket if you need! Jara is very loyal and you notice this right away while being with her. She is playful and will spend hours out playing and chasing (her favourite) butterflys. I wanted to adopt her myself but I am not in the right place or time to. Hopefully you are lucky enough to be.
More pictures and videos you can find following this link
For more information about adopting Jara in Germany, the UK or the Netherlands, please contact Anjo
UPDATE JULY 2014: Jara will be travelling to France where one of our volunteers' mums will be fostering her with the option for adoption. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bali found a home

Bali is happily adopted in the Netherlands!
Bali's story as told by our Finnish volunteer Tomi: "Bali on ihana kora" (Bali is a lovely dog) My name is Bali. Currently I live in Ceceda.
My hobbies are playing, running and eating. I am also  very curious and I like to
put my nose everywhere I can.
So you can say I am very lively. I also like a lot of people and I have noticed that they like me
very much as well. I also get along with all the dogs here, from little Marta to the big mastiff Roy. I have heard them say that I am so cute and they cannot resist my big brown eyes - cute and charming that is what they say and I cannot deny that...

In the evening I will get my toy and sleep on the blanket like a good dog - yes I can do that as well!
Because I am just a puppy really I hope you will like to run with me (although I am quite good at walking on the leash!) and don't care if I am barking when something exciting is happening, because you can teach me not to do that (at least that is what they say).

I like having  lot of attention and so hopefully I can get that from you.
In the future I will hopefully find a new owner who is loving and trustworthy. 

Because I am worth it!
I love life and adventures, so maybe we can enjoy it together.
With love Bali

Bali is about 2 years old, has been spayed, and is healthy although still a bit thin. She is very much a little shepherd dog, although she just weighs 16,5 kg (she should be 18 kg). Her story? We don't know as she was tied up next to the kennels. At least she is not afraid of people or other dogs.

Tika985's BALI album on Photobucket

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Linda, foxterrier mix

Linda is fiercely loyal, playful and will go anywhere with you. Well, she will go with you once you get to know her, she will not accompany just anybody on a walk ;).
She is almost 10 years old but a very fit little dog with her typical foxterrier mind: she makes her own decisions. In her foster home she tolerates all other dogs that arrive, male and female. She likes the big dogs best I think. At home she can be territorial and bark when new people arrive (especially men), but she does not do that when she is elsewhere with you. She loves driving and is often with us, she will be sitting quietly and let herself be petted. She does not mind to be washed or groomed and you can pick her up without any problems even if she may disapprove of this.

In the beginning we thought she would be a dog for "an old lady" - but it would have to be an old lady who can handle a little doggy with her own ideas until she's settled down.

Linda's history:
She was a pampered little doggy and lived with her owner, an old lady until she had to go into a nursing home. She also followed her into the home, but had to live in a patio. And when the old lady died, nobody wanted to take her in. So Linda lived in the patio for a while, in the local shelter for a while and now in Ceceda, her foster home. 

More info about Linda
Anjo - perrosdeoriente2@gmail.com
In Spanish:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Milu, foxterrier found a home

Milu is a small foxterrier that was left to his own devices to live alone, chained, below a small granary ("horreo"). One of our volunteer started feeding him and walking him - and managed to convince the owner it would be better to find him another home. Milu was rescued, bathed and found a new home! Thanks to Ismael!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blackie, young black shepherd found a home

Blackie is a happy house dog now in the Netherlands, thanks to Huize Zwerfhond!
Blackie is a young two year old black shepherd-like mix with a soft temperament. He could very well be a mix with a Labrador. He is between 55 and 60 cms high and weighs about 25 kgs. He has a lovely thick fur and is really gentle, he is not pushy but very enthusiastic. He loves to play with other dogs, male and female. 

We found him with a broken leg, he must have been in a tremendous amount of pain but he didn’t make a sound or tried to bite. He had such confidence in people, what a special dog! He has had surgery and spent a lot of time at the veterinary hospital because we did not have a place for him. The caretakers at the vets were crazy about their ‘little bear’. After a lot of time in the kennels at the small perrera we finally him in Ceceda where he can get used to being a housedog.

Blackie is a young dog that had his home somewhere in the Picos de Europe. He probably went wandering  at one point and came across a road with a lot of traffic, near Cangas de Onis.
People that lived on the side of the road fed him at night. Unfortunately they did not confine him in any way, because there home was literally 50 m away from the road. The next morning they found him with a broken leg.
And who do you call when this happens – the police, the council- nobody cares. The people where not willing to take him to the vet themselves, even when we volunteered to cover the cost. We picked Blackie up on the 29th of December 2010, we could see he was in pain but he went with us really quietly. Unfortunately his tibia en fibula where both broken, which meant he needed extensive surgery by two surgeons to place a pin inside his leg.
We couldn’t really afford the costs, but we couldn’t leave him like that either.  Fortunately we were able to let him have the surgery because he really is a delightful dog!


Ritchie found a home

Ritchie found a home in the Netherlands thanks to Huize Zwerfhond.

He looks like a boxer with longer hair on his back - probably a longhaired predecessor there somewhere as well. Probably a grifon (Spanish hunting dog) crossbreed, which accounts for his being such a softie. 

Ritchie is a stable, sociable dog - he loves all people and other dogs. He loves going for a walk but gets hot very easily and then stretches out on his belly.

We think he is almost 3 years old, not very big, about 50 cm high but broad and muscular. He will never win a beauty contest but if it was a contest for inner beauty, Ritchie would be a winner! He is also definitely a one-off - there is only one Ritchie!

He arrived at the shelter in July 2011, where his owner tied him up - wearing a welded collar which we had to cut. We have seen the same collar on our pointer Theo, so probably the same owner.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cathy, shepherd/galgo mix found a home

Cathy is adopted in her foster home in Spain - by me! And all the volunteers love her!

When my other large dog Luna died in April, Cathy was there and knew Luna and was there when she passed away. So it was clear Cathy was going to stay!

Cathy is a five year old shepherd cross with the most beautiful amber eyes you can imagine and a sweet character to match those eyes. She is used to people and dogs, and may be slightly shy in the beginning but she opens up quickly. She loves to sit next to you. All the volunteers that meet her think she is absolutely wonderful.

She is a bit thin, so she will be a bit heavier once she reaches her ideal weight.

Cathy was one of three dogs abandoned by their owner in a holiday home.  As she was chipped, we contacted the owner who first said he would pick them up but then never showed up. We are still in shock, especially as his dogs are such wonderful dogs.