Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blackie, young black shepherd found a home

Blackie is a happy house dog now in the Netherlands, thanks to Huize Zwerfhond!
Blackie is a young two year old black shepherd-like mix with a soft temperament. He could very well be a mix with a Labrador. He is between 55 and 60 cms high and weighs about 25 kgs. He has a lovely thick fur and is really gentle, he is not pushy but very enthusiastic. He loves to play with other dogs, male and female. 

We found him with a broken leg, he must have been in a tremendous amount of pain but he didn’t make a sound or tried to bite. He had such confidence in people, what a special dog! He has had surgery and spent a lot of time at the veterinary hospital because we did not have a place for him. The caretakers at the vets were crazy about their ‘little bear’. After a lot of time in the kennels at the small perrera we finally him in Ceceda where he can get used to being a housedog.

Blackie is a young dog that had his home somewhere in the Picos de Europe. He probably went wandering  at one point and came across a road with a lot of traffic, near Cangas de Onis.
People that lived on the side of the road fed him at night. Unfortunately they did not confine him in any way, because there home was literally 50 m away from the road. The next morning they found him with a broken leg.
And who do you call when this happens – the police, the council- nobody cares. The people where not willing to take him to the vet themselves, even when we volunteered to cover the cost. We picked Blackie up on the 29th of December 2010, we could see he was in pain but he went with us really quietly. Unfortunately his tibia en fibula where both broken, which meant he needed extensive surgery by two surgeons to place a pin inside his leg.
We couldn’t really afford the costs, but we couldn’t leave him like that either.  Fortunately we were able to let him have the surgery because he really is a delightful dog!


Ritchie found a home

Ritchie found a home in the Netherlands thanks to Huize Zwerfhond.

He looks like a boxer with longer hair on his back - probably a longhaired predecessor there somewhere as well. Probably a grifon (Spanish hunting dog) crossbreed, which accounts for his being such a softie. 

Ritchie is a stable, sociable dog - he loves all people and other dogs. He loves going for a walk but gets hot very easily and then stretches out on his belly.

We think he is almost 3 years old, not very big, about 50 cm high but broad and muscular. He will never win a beauty contest but if it was a contest for inner beauty, Ritchie would be a winner! He is also definitely a one-off - there is only one Ritchie!

He arrived at the shelter in July 2011, where his owner tied him up - wearing a welded collar which we had to cut. We have seen the same collar on our pointer Theo, so probably the same owner.