Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ritchie found a home

Ritchie found a home in the Netherlands thanks to Huize Zwerfhond.

He looks like a boxer with longer hair on his back - probably a longhaired predecessor there somewhere as well. Probably a grifon (Spanish hunting dog) crossbreed, which accounts for his being such a softie. 

Ritchie is a stable, sociable dog - he loves all people and other dogs. He loves going for a walk but gets hot very easily and then stretches out on his belly.

We think he is almost 3 years old, not very big, about 50 cm high but broad and muscular. He will never win a beauty contest but if it was a contest for inner beauty, Ritchie would be a winner! He is also definitely a one-off - there is only one Ritchie!

He arrived at the shelter in July 2011, where his owner tied him up - wearing a welded collar which we had to cut. We have seen the same collar on our pointer Theo, so probably the same owner.