Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parche, young "pirate" found a home

Parche was tied up at the perrera one fine morning, still a very young dog. The owner might have expected him to look more like a “real” boxer. Parche looks more like a pirate than a boxer, but he has the build and the non-stop enthusiastic character of a real boxer. His coat is wiry though, and a bit messy – half long in places.
Let’s face it: our pirate Parche is never going to win a beauty contest, but he makes up for that in character – and nobody will forget him as he looks like no other dog: Parche is unique!
He absolutely loves people, whether he knows them or not – a bit of attention is just great! As a young boxer type dog, he is always moving, watching what is going on, wanting attention if possible! He is in general sociable with other dogs, both male and female.
He would love to go to a house near the water as he is a real water dog. Even when the employees of the perrera clean the cages (with the dogs in them, during the week...), Parche throws himself in the water jet. He loves water – be it the river, just a water hose, it's all great fun to him.
Parche would benefit from a dog school to learn the ropes and maybe from doing a dog sport, as he is enthusiastic and eager to learn!

Breed: boxer cross, tail is docked
Male (castrated, Nov 2010)
Age: aprox. 1/10/2008 (2 years old)
Size: aprox. 52 cm
Weight: aprox. 22 kg
Perrera since: 16/4/2010


Parche found a home in Germany - February 2011