Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bola, a young terrier mix - found a home

Bola has found a home in Germany!

Little Bola is a very young dog, estimated about 10 months old. She looks like a mix between a terrier and a German shepherd, but she is only about 45 cm high and aprox. 15 kg.

We found her 28/11/09 tied up next to the perrera - as usual. She was sooo afraid! After a week she was already a lot better. She had to stay in the kennels as we had no space in our foster homes, but after her sterilisation she'll go to Pedro's house.

Bola is a very friendly dog, she gets on well with people and with other dogs. She is a calm dog and walks well on the lead. If you are talking to somebody, she'll just lie down next to you and wait until something is happening again.


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