Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tommie, puppy border collie mix - found a home

Tommie has found a home in Zaragoza! His new family drove the 500km to ASturias to pick him up!
Tommie three weeks apart - 14/11 and 5/12. He was left near the little perrera in Infiesto, we found out he is half border collie. We think he was born in August 2009. He looks adorable and is a very active and open puppy. As a border collie mix he will need a good education. He is not in the perrera now but in a foster home in the mountains with our volunteer Mark with two other dogs. At the age of three months he weighed 5 kg and was about 25 cm high. He gets along with all other dogs, is struggling with being house-trained and defn¡initely has his own ideas - although at the same time he is very loving. He is a dog for people that can dedicate time to him and work with him so he can make use of his intelligence and need to be doing things.

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