Friday, March 12, 2010

Che, a small shepherd found a home in Asturias

Che looks like a very small German shepherd – he is probably like so many dogs from the mountains of the Picos de Europa a cross with a small farm dog. His ears are floppy though and it seems as if he is always smiling due to the colouring around his muzzle. He is very young, about 1,5 years old, height 48 cm, aprox 15 kg. He has been with us since 8/2/2010.

Che is a loving but also independent dog – he is very good at agility – too good because he does not see the gate as a gate but as something to jump over as small as he is (!) and lie in the sun at the other side of the road.... he does not go anywhere, just likes to check out the perimeter of the finca... He is always late for dinner ;)

He adapts perfectly to a life inside a home – he will lie in a basket or on a chair next to you and just be quiet (if he is home that is). During the night he is ok, just sleeps in the corridor and not a sound – even in the evening if there are many dogs in the kitchen, he goes upstairs and sleeps.

He fits in perfectly with both male and female dogs as he is a survivor, not a dominant dog. Not jealous for attention, happy with any attention he can get but not demanding.

He was found by a twelve-year old boy who took him home – unfortunately his father did not agree to a dog in the house.

He is an ideal mid-size dog, not dominant and very sociable, house-trained apart from his independence at times...

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