Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dogstrust International training course

Animales de Oriente had the opportunity to participate in the March 2010 International Training Course organised by the UK's largest charity in rehoming dogs. We enjoyed 4 days of training packed with extremely useful presentations and workshops on many topics, such as dog handling, veterinary matters, how to build a shelter (although the council here would not be amused if we suggested floor heating ;), education in primary schools, trap-neuter and release programmes for cats and dogs, fundraising and of course rehoming dogs (and cats - with a representative from Cat's Protection)

We were 17 participants from many different countries such as Portugal (our neighbours), Latvia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and even a vet from Tanzania.

More information on the ICAWC website http://www.icawc.org/

Check out the Dogstrust blog!

If you are considering participating (especially Spain and Germany are not well represented in the courses yet!) I can only recommend it!

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