Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kerria, labradormix found a home

Kerria is living in Belgium now, although she travels frequently to the UK!

Kerrie is an older and very friendly and quiet labradormix. She has probably been chained up as she has the typical lesions at the end of her tail from wagging her tail against a fence or similar. She is not used to other dogs, especially if they are big - but she is learning now in her foster home with 9 other dogs, where she is getting to know the rest from her kennel, a safe place for her where she sits happily in her basket. She enjoys going out for short walks several times a day, where the smaller dogs have started to accompany her. With a shoulder height of 60cm she is a large dog, but she folds herself in a corner of the basket ;) The second picture is taken 5 days later, her first "free" walk running in the woods which she thoroughly enjoyed. She now does not even mind that Helena, the young shepherd tries to play with her - Helena just gets ignored ;).
This older lady has made an incredible recovery!