Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Helena, young shepherd found a home

Helena is a young German shepherd mix. She is well-behaved (not counting leaving her alone in the kitchen to investigate) and gets along fine with people and other dogs of all sizes. She just wants to play and learn. She is house trained, she'll sleep in a corner and make herself invisible to she is a "good dog" - she'll lie next to you for hours in the study - to become a puppy again outside.

Helena is slowly getting used to people, she is very much attached to her foster mother but she does not yet know how to show it. She has probably had little socialisation so travelling in a car and things new are still a bit frightening.
She so desperately wants to be a good dog, she just never learned how to do that.
Helena wants to play, play, play - only the other dogs don't always appreciate that. But she gets on well with males and females, big and small. She is afraid of very overbearing dogs and will avoid any confrontation.

She is a bit rough trying to play with medium-sized 10kg dogs, smaller dogs she ignores,
She will benefit from another dog that knows how things work. She'll often find comfort tucking in behind Luna, the older shepherd mix I have.

Helena is now adopted in Asturias (Lugones) - 24/08/2010