Monday, August 16, 2010

Nerea, a tough old lady

This is Nerea, or Mrs Grumpy as we call her. She is a typical German Shepherd: she is happiest when she is lying next to you and she feels responsible for your well-being. According to the vet she is from 2002 but we think she may even be a few years older than that. She was left tied up at the perrera and she spent the first few days crying as she must have missed her owner terribly. She had puppies in the past, and was probably used for breeding as well. As she is an old dog she had quite a few breast tumours. Our first action was to have her operated to take those tumours away. 50 stitches! The biopsy has shown they are benign, which improves her chances. She has the typical wobbly hindlegs of a pedigree German Shepherd ;), which will probably only get worse, not better.

Nerea, however, is a very strong dog with a strong character. And she is absolutely devoted to 'her' people. She is obedient. She is ok with the other dogs although she can be quite bossy. She is a no-no with cats, she chases them and they will never get along.

We are looking for someone who does not mind that she is such an old granny, who does not go for too long walks - she is happiest around the house really, in a house with a garden preferably. She will be absolutely devoted to you. She loves coming for a drive in the car, even if you sometimes have to help her in. She can be with other dogs if they are sociable and relaxed, preferably male dogs or really small female dogs as she is not very sociable herself. She does not like it if other dogs are playing in "her" garden.

Nerea's videos:

Nerea's first video October 2008:

Nerea October 2009 - 1

Nerea October 2009 - 2

Nerea in the snow

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