Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Golfo, grifon/sabueso puppy - found a home

Update: Golfo will be going to Germany in December 2010 where he will be adopted just over the border in France, in a loving home with a big meadow to run in and other canine friends.

Golfo is a typical example of his breed: a calm and very kind hunting dog. Grifons are obedient dogs that can be taught to walk off the leash without running away. He is an excellent pet, as he showed with the children that visit the "casa rural" (B&B) of his foster home.
He ended up at our volunteer Pedro's house recently - obviously not a good hunter and they knew about Pedro. He has no space for any additional doggie so he sleeps putside under the "horreo" (Asturian barn). At first he thought he was lost and would walk home again, but no - he just stays there…

He is still a puppy and needs education: he is not yet trained to walk on the leash or to live in a home, he can bark enthusiastically to greet you with this typical hunting dog bark. Experience with other grifon/sabueso dogs we placed (Telma in Spain and Kas, Alma in Germany) though tells us they adapt very quickly.