Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Puppy and Nano found a home

Pupy was adopted in Germany in December 2010 and they are extremely happy with him. He is living with two shy galgas now and immediately made himself at home.

We are the dogs with the big feet, the long ears and the sensitive noses that want to share your couch! We absolutely love people, children too. We love to play, and also we like sleeping. We are relaxed, and promise to be good dogs if you tell us how to be good dogs.

We are about 8 months old, castrated, 55 cm/20 kg - although a bit thin they say - but healthy.

We were "dumped" at the small "perrera" in Infiesto where they had no space for us, so we just stayed around until they found a temporary solution for us, which involves a big meadow, other dogs and people to see! Still, we would love to have a home for ourselves, together or separately. Another dog in the house would be nice, or lots of dogs in the park to play with!